DCI, a renowned expertise for ab-initio training of helicopter pilots


In November, cadets trained by Défense Conseil International at the Helicopter International Training Centre (CIF-H) in Dax will be awarded their helicopter pilot military license, rewarding one year of training matching French Army Aviation (ALAT) standards. This organisation is indeed renowned for its unmatched expertise in helicopters both in educational training and aeronautical maintenance. DCI offers an innovative training framework mixing military culture and innovation while creating a genuine multicultural laboratory.

Excellent training

DCI provides its expertise to helicopter pilots in France and abroad, including the Middle-East and Malaysia. Since 2015, DCI is training future helicopter pilots within the Helicopter International Training Centre (CIF-H) in Dax and Luc-en-Provence. It is aimed at France friendly countries’ armed forces.

This centre provides excellent trainings and meets surging demands from France friendly countries regarding helicopter pilots’ training. They are delivered on board 40 He EC 120B, military aircraft and simulators.

Helicopter pilots benefit from an exhaustive training enabling them to be operational on their aircraft regardless of the context:

  • air combat, special operations;
  • search and rescue operations;
  • maritime operations.

Maintenance expert

DCI helicopter expertise also extends to its aircraft service activity.

For 30 years, DCI has been supporting manufacturers by analysing their needs, by deploying new fleets in order to maximise their efficiency. It  has trained their users to maintain aircraft throughout their life cycle.

This know-how also enables DCI to send helicopter maintenance experts across the world.

DCI also proposes aeronautical maintenance trainings with an initial training within the French Defence Aeronautical Institute and a training within French Armed Forces.


View our CIF-H presentation video (in English).


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