A high level training for foreign naval officers


During a sunbathed ceremony within French Mediterranean schools centre, seven Kuwaiti trainees officers (from lieutenant to commander ranks) were awarded an end of course diploma validating 8 months of work attending the fifteenth OPSDEP (Operations Course for Department Head) training session.


This high level training, lasting 34 weeks, is organised by DCI in perfect harmony with the French Navy within Saint Mandrier Mediterranean schools centre. It aims at future frigate operations officers who learn the knowledge needed to manage and conduct operations in the main warfare fields: anti-air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, and anti-surface warfare with a specific focus on conducting maritime traffic control and embargo operations.

This operational training is delivered by expert personnel in their respective fields and call on modern teaching and simulation means to get as close as possible to real operations. Proposed by DCI since 2002, more than 170 officers from 9 different countries have been trained in aero maritime operations management and conduct.



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