Dive within institutional reserve!


Operational mission scenario: … Commander of Task Unit (CTU) enters the room, nothing moves… They remain very vigilant so that no valuable piece of information from operation briefing is lost. At last they have their mission order: neutralise a torpedo stranded on a mined beach. Their contact on the area will be a foreigner.

Time constraints make the mission more difficult: beach must be cleared in the early evening as amphibious landing operations are planned during the night. By the end of the briefing, they do not waste a minute; they have to present the mission to the team and organise…

 “They” are not actors of a new Hollywood super production running high on testosterone! They are advanced course students and explosive ordnance disposal course officers from the French Navy, would-be heads of clearance divers mission.

Within customised relationships between DCI Military Diving International Training Centre (CIF-PM) and French Navy diving school, DCI divers instructors team could reinforce this year French Navy training actions in air diving and offensive actions but also for the first time in explosive ordnance disposal.

Under institutional reserve status, CIF-PM instructors had the opportunity to transmit their operational experience as military clearance divers and as DCI instructors to 2017 cohort trainees.

Reason why they are here this morning at the operation briefing they designed jointly with the explosive ordnance disposal instructors team of the French Navy. This week programme: a sequence of mine clearance scenarios, overseas operations type (Afghanistan, Mali, Syria), very long days and very short nights…

Trainees passing this final real scale assessment will get their Conventional Munitions Disposal licence. Each trainee’s stress can be felt, CIF-PM reservists instructors excitement is subdued… Finally, success lies at the end of the journey!

This first integration of CIF-PM instructors at this training level was praised by Mediterranean schools centre’s commander and resulted in the awarding of the military certificates of Marine Explosive Ordnance Recognition Trainer to DCI-NAVFCO personnel. This new joint qualification gained by CIF-PM will soon be used to develop new training inserted in DCI training catalogue.

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